Professional support for writers


  • Fiction and non-fiction

  • Beginners and experienced

  • For publication and for fun

 How can we help? 

Develop your manuscript

You have a work in progress. We can provide:

Manuscript analysis


A six-page, structured report that looks at the bigger picture, assessing and making suggestions about:


  • Writing style

  • Reader response

  • Structure

  • Pacing

  • Flow


  • For fiction and narrative non-fiction - character, plot and scenes

  • For other non-fiction - argument development, explanations and examples

Content edit


An annotated copy of your text, highlighting errors, problems or weaknesses and suggesting improvements. This will address all the points outlined in manuscript analysis.

Finalise your text

You have a finished manuscript. We can provide: 

Copy editing


An annotated copy of your text, with checked and queried or corrected:


  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • Sentence structure

  • Word usage




A final, polished version of your text with any remaining errors corrected or queried - final step before submission or publication.

Submission support


Help with your synopsis and covering letters.


Independent publishing support


Help with your cover creation (including blurb), manuscript preparation, and uploading for e-books or print-on-demand. 


1000 word assessment

Why choose Editress?


  • We've been there as writers - we've been both traditionally- and self-published, in fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry, so we know how it feels!

  • We're experienced publishers, editors, proofreaders, working (and reading) across a range of genres and styles.

  • We're passionate about working with writers of all levels of experience, helping them to make the very best of their work.

  • We pride ourselves on our friendly and personal service.

Send us a 1000 word excerpt.

We’ll edit and return it to you free of charge.

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